This site is meant as a repository for information relating to the history of straight razors. I hope to create a visual database of shapes, grinds, styles, materials, and marks. Hopefully you will find it useful as a reference. All razors pictured, unless otherwise designated, are or have been in my personal collection.

Please mind the current, and likely constant, editing.


How to use this site:

Navigation should be straightforward. Each razor has a unique reference code (e.g. R0010); wherever an image, gallery, or mention appears with a particular razor on the site, the reference code will be present, so that a site search of the code should bring up all relevant pictures and information from across the site, and it should be easy to cross-reference anything.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a Harwood § Co straight razor with a tiny tang. It has black horn scales and big pins. I wish to sell it but have no idea of its value. PLEASE could you help me or tell me where to look it up. I would be so grateful.
    Ron C.


    • Hi Ron, values for straight razors are constantly changing and depend on a plethora of factors. The best way to get an idea of the value is to look on completed listings on eBay. You should find that razors of that era go for between $30 and $300 typically, but even nearly the same razor can sell at wildly different prices due to the ebb and flow of the market. The long and short of it is that it’s nearly impossible to give you a value for it – the best way is to list it as an auction and see what the market decides.

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