Gales & Martin Razors

This page documents my efforts to collect razors from the makers listed in the early directories of Sheffield – published in 1774 (Sketchley’s) and 1787 (Gales & Martin).

Birks Wm and John

Birks, William and John.

Norfolk-street. William Birks is listed as being Master Cutler in 1795.

Horn. Sheffield, c. 1800.

Brammal John Storrs

Brammal, John.


Non-original wood. Sheffield, 18th century.

Brittain Wilkinson Brownell Arundel-St

Brittain, Wilkinson & Brownell. 

Arundel Street.

Tortoise. c. 1780s.

Hall Jonathan China-square

Hall, Jonathan.


Piquee horn. Sheffield, post-1800.

Revet Richard Stannington

Revet, Richard.


Horn. Sheffield, 18th century.

Rowland Widow Back-lane

Rowland Widow.

Back-lane. Sketchley’s directory shows an entry for an R with a crescent as belonging to Elizabeth Rowland of Churchlane, however the crescent is upside down compared to this one. This mark appears in the 1787 directory under Rowland, Widow, Back-lane. I’m not yet sure as to the difference.

Horn. c. 1780s.

Shepherd John Holles Croft

Shepherd, John.

Holles Croft.

Tortoise. Sheffield, late 18th century.

Withers Benjamin Co Far-gate

Withers, Benjamin.

Far-gate. Horn. Sheffield, likely post-1800. Benjamin Withers is listed as being Master Cutler in 1794.

Smith, Georgius. Scotland (street). Pressed horn. Sheffield, likely 1780s.

Warburton, William. Horn. Sheffield, likely pre-1774.

Sketchley’s directory lists the LISBON (with cross) mark as belonging to Thomas Warburton. I believe this is his father.


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