Greaves bio under construction.

Early years

Greaves, W. Warranted. Faux tortoise (horn). Sheffield, c. 1800-1810. (Ref. R0013)

Greaves, W. Acier Fondu. Sheffield, c. 1800-1810. (Ref. R0014)

Early to mid 19th Century

Greaves, W. & Sons. Severely reground. Horn. Sheffield, c. 1810-20. (Ref. R0155)

Greaves, W. & Sons. Warranted. Horn, c. 1810-20. (Ref. R0241)

Greaves, W. & Sons. Sheaf Works pressed horn, Cast Steel, Warranted. Sheffield, 1820s. (Ref. R0011)

Greaves, W. & Sons. ‘Success to the Flour Trade’. Horn. Sheffield, c. 1815-25. (Ref. R0009)

Greaves, W. & Sons. ‘I am Good and will Shave Well’. Reground. Horn. Sheffield, c. 1815-25. (Ref. R0008)

Greaves, W. & Sons. ‘You Lather Well and I’ll Shave Well’. Horn. Sheffield, c. 1815-25. (Ref. R0125)

Greaves, W. & Sons. Brass frameback. Horn. Sheffield, c. 1810-30. (Ref. R0012)

Greaves, W. & Sons. Engraved spine. Sheffield, c. 1830s. (Ref. R0066)

Greaves, W. & Sons. WR Universally Approved, Manufacturers of Fine Indian Steel Razors. Inlaid horn. Sheffield, 1830-37. (Ref. R0010)

Greaves, W. & Sons. Fencing foils in cartouche on blade. WR, Universally Approved. Note lack of ‘Sheaf Works’, though unequivocally dating to a decade after its inception. Sheffield, 1830-37. (Ref. R0255)

Later Works

Greaves, Wm. & Sons. For Barbers Use, concave grind. Horn. Sheffield, mid 19th Century. (Ref. R0201)

Greaves, Wm. & Sons. Curved typeset stamp. ‘The Celebrated Washington Razor’. Pressed and gold-leafed horn. Sheffield, mid 19th Century. (Ref. R0232)

Greaves, W. & Sons, Sheaf Works. Level typeset stamp. Severely reground. Horn. Sheffield, mid-late 19th Century. (Ref. R0146)


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