Razors of American origin, or connection.


Early razors (~1800-1840)

Foster, S.F. Headquarters; 8/8. Horn (personally rescaled). Montreal, c. 1820s. (Ref. R0057)

Gilbert, Hiram. Horn. New York (upstate), c. 1840-60. (Ref. R0142)

Klauberg, D. New York, c. 1820. (Ref. R0077)

Rawson & Nourse. Ivory. Grafton, Massachusetts, mid 19th Century. (Ref. R0067)

Richardson, B. & Son. Horn. Philadelphia (USA), c. 1820. (Ref. R0082)

Tiemann, G. Pickslay’s Peruvian Steel. Ivory. New York, c. 1830-40. (Ref. R0116)


Later Razors

Ayer, Wells W. 304 Washington Street. Diamond Edge. Horn. Boston, mid 19th Century. (Ref. R0087)

Gilchrist, W.M. Concave grind, horn. Jersey City (USA), mid 19th Century. (Ref. R0113)

Justi, H.D. 808 Arch Street. Steel frameback, horn. Philadelphia (USA), late 19th Century. (Ref. R0063)

Lower & Barron. North 3rd Street. Philadelphia (USA), mid 19th Century. (Ref. R0119)


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