French and Swiss

French and Swiss razors.

Early razors (up to about 1820)

Walle (Lepetitwalle), mark AUX 15-20. Tortoise, c. 1800-10. (Ref. R0055)

Unknown maker, French (Paris). Tortoise and silver, late 18th Century. (Ref. R0103)


Everything else

Carlier. Ivory. Cambrai, France, mid 19th Century. (Ref. Ro102)

Charles. Brass frameback. Ivory scales. France, 19th century. (Ref. R0276)

Gavet, Charles. Ivory with silver collars. 138 Rue St. Honoré, Paris. 1820-32. (Ref. R0277)

LeCoultre, Jaques. Multi-blade set, horn. Switzerland, late 19th Century. (Ref. R0090)

Pradier. Cased 7-day interchangeable set, ivory handle. Paris, 1820s. (Ref. R0050)

Saltier. Silver and horn, tail-less. Saintes, France, 19th Century. (Ref. R0100)

Vallon. 7-day interchangeable blade set, cased in walnut. Paris, 1820s. (Ref. R0051)


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