Early Razors

Cutlers’ marks on razors dating from before the turn of the 19th century to just a few years into it; a mixture of different countries of origin. See below for excerpts from the Gales and Martin directories for Sheffield, listing a few makers and their registered marks. Some of the dates are very difficult to pin down; date ranges are left somewhat fuzzy.


Before the Revolutionary War

Unknown maker, very early style. (Ref. R0095)

Unknown maker, very early style. Anchor and * marks. (Ref. R0183)

Unknown maker, very early style. Clover mark. (Ref. R0260)

Unknown maker, very early style. Key mark. (Ref. R0261)

Unknown maker. Tortoise. Likely Sheffield, mid 18th century. (Ref. R0272)

Unknown maker. Shagreen and silver etui with tools. Likely Sheffield, mid 18th century. (Ref. R0267)

Warburton, William (Father of Thomas). German Steel; horn. Sheffield, mid-18th Century. (Ref. R0037)

~1770 to ~1810

Birks, William & John. German Steel. Horn. Sheffield, late 18th Century. (Ref. R0044)

Birks, William & John. Horn, personally rescaled. Sheffield, late 18th century. (Ref. R0045)

Brittain, Wilkinson & Brownell. Mark FRANCE. Inlaid horn scales. Sheffield, 18th Century. (Ref. R0229)

Clark & Hall, Cast Steel. Brass-inlaid pressed horn. Sheffield, 1800-1810. (Ref. R0078)

Gronstrand. Ivory. Likely Scandinavia, late 18th Century. (Ref. R0032-33)

Harwood & Co., Cast Steel. Horn. Sheffield, late 18th Century. (Ref. R0035)

Harwood & Co., Warranted. Pique tortoise. Sheffield, c. 1800-1810. (Ref. R0034)

Harwood & Co., Warranted. Horn, severely reground. Sheffield, c. 1800-1810. (Ref. R0036)

Rayson (possibly Rawson), Warranted. Inlaid horn. England, c. 1800. (Ref. R0091)

Sheppard’s Cast Steel, originally from Henry Lummus collection. Horn. England, late 18th century. (Ref. R0043)

Smith, G. Acier Fondu. Pressed horn. Late 18th century. (Ref. R0080)

Withers, Benjamin, mark ESPAGNE. Horn. Sheffield, late 18th century. (Ref. R0039)

Unknown maker, marked ACIER FONDU. Late 18th Century. (Ref. R0038)

Unknown maker, marked possibly tomahawk and ‘3’. Horn. Late 18th century. (Ref. R0093)

Unknown maker, marked ROAN; heavily reground. Horn. Late 18th century. (Ref. R0112)

Unknown maker, marked LONDON. Horn. Late 18th century. (Ref. R0096)

Unknown maker, mark HAGUE. Replacement wood. Late 18th century. (Ref. R0042)

Unknown maker, marked with ax or pipe. Horn. Late 18th century. (Ref. R0105)

Unknown maker. Tortoise and silver. Paris, late 18th Century. (Ref. R0103)

Unknown maker. Tortoise. Paris, late 18th Century. (Ref. R0104)

Unknown maker. Mark SANGWINE. Non-original scales. (Ref. R0259)


~1800 to ~1820

Hancock. Later homemade wood scales. Early 19th Century. (Ref. R0136)

Johnson, Warranted. Horn. Sheffield, c. 1810. (Ref. R0118)

Marsden, 8/8 Magnum Bonum. Ivory. c. 1810. (Ref. R0046)

Millikin. Tortoise and silver. Dublin, early 19th century. (Ref. R0085)

Nayler. Horn with escutcheon. Sheffield, c. 1810. (Ref. R0127)

Rhodes & Champion. Concave grind, horn. Sheffield, c. 1810. (Ref. R0040)

Roberts. Travel razor (diminutive), worked spine. Tortoise. c. 1810. (Ref. R0041)

Roberts. Reground blade. Pressed and inlaid horn scales. Sheffield, c. 1800-1810. (Ref. R0240)

Shepherd, John. Pressed horn ‘Cossack’ scales. Sheffield, c. 1810. (Ref. R0079)

Walle (Lepetitwalle), mark AUX 15-20. Tortoise. France, c. 1800-10. (Ref. R0055)

Wostenholm, travel razor (diminutive). Pressed horn. Sheffield, c. 1810-20. (Ref. R0059)

Wostenholm, 8/8 Magnum Bonum. Sheffield, c. 1810 (Ref. R0047)

Unknown maker, marked ‘Acier Raffine’. Likely early 19th Century. (Ref. R0114)



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