Wostenholm(s) bio under construction…

Early Years

Wostenholm. Travel razor (diminutive). Pressed horn. Sheffield, c. 1810-20. (Ref. R0059)

Wostenholm. 8/8 Magnum Bonum. Sheffield, c. 1810 (Ref. R0047)

Wostenholm. 7-day set, detachable ivory scales. Sheffield, likely ~ 1820s. (Ref. R0223)

Wostenholm, G. Horn scales. Sheffield, c. 1810-20s. (Ref. EXT0003, courtesy of Steve Matusek)

~1850 to ~1890

Wostenholm, George & Sons. 19/16 in horn. IXL, Washington Works. Sheffield, late 19th Century. (Ref. R0115)

Wostenholm, George & Sons. Moustache razor. IXL, Washington Works. Carved bone scales. Sheffield, late 19th Century. (Ref. R0237)

1890 and beyond

Wostenholm, George & Sons. Washington Works, Original Pipe Razor. Wedge grind, etched. Faux tortoise (horn) scales. Sheffield, very late 19th to 20th Century. (Ref. R0217)

Wostenholm, George & Sons. Peerless. Hollow ground, plastic scales. Sheffield, 20th Century. (Ref. R0150)

 Joseph Wostenholm

Wostenholm, Joseph & Sons. Mark EBRO, Perseverance Works. Non-original synthetic scales. Sheffield, mid-late 19th Century. (Ref. R0195)


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